Mosquito Control

The Caddo Parish Mosquito Control Section sprays neighborhoods on a periodic basis and following requests made by Caddo Parish citizens. Upon receiving a request for spray from a citizen a Caddo Parish Mosquito Control officer will inspect the neighborhood and surrounding area for potential breeding and harboring sites. After inspection, the Mosquito Control Officer will decide what areas need spraying and coordinate the spray.

MosquitoCaddo Parish Mosquito Control continuously monitors the mosquito population in Caddo Parish by setting light traps to determine the areas that need treating. This method helps Caddo Parish Mosquito Control officers determine both the population and species of the mosquito. With this information, an officer scouts for the breeding sites. Once the breeding sites are found, the Caddo Parish Mosquito Control Officers will larvicide and adulticide the area.


Larviciding consists of treating breeding sites which contain mosquito larvae. If mosquito larvae are found, the Caddo Parish Mosquito Control officers will treat it with a biological control agent that is environmentally safe for humans, animals and other organisms.

Daily Recording of Sprayed Areas

Mosquito control has set up a telephone line with a recording of the areas that will be sprayed during the evening time. The recording will be updated Monday through Friday during the spraying season at approximately 2 p.m. The recording will detail the specific area and streets that will be sprayed that evening. The normal hours for spraying are usually 6:30 p.m. through 10 p.m. weather permitting. Please call 1 318-212-1207 after 2 p.m. to listen to the recording to be notified of where the trucks will be spraying.


Adulticiding, the killing of adult mosquitoes, consists of applications of insecticides approved by the (EPA) and developed for urban mosquito control. The Caddo Parish Mosquito Control Section has properly trained and licensed mosquito control applicators to spray this insecticide. Urban areas are treated with truck mounted equipment.