ADA Compliance

Compliance Efforts of Caddo Parish

A survey was performed at the Courthouse to ensure the building complied with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The purpose was to pinpoint problems that may exist with the physically challenged. Our survey was accomplished by Courthouse personnel. A copy of this report was provided to the Federal Department of Justice and we were notified that Caddo Parish was in compliance.

Courthouse Accessibility

Two handicap-accessible parking spaces are provided at the east side of the building near the main handicap entrance. At this entrance push-button controlled automatic door openers have been installed for added convenience. Upon entering the Courthouse, the disabled would not have any problems maneuvering on flooring of marble, tile, brick, and short-loop carpeting. Typical corridors range from 5 feet to 8 feet in width.

Courthouse Elevators

The Courthouse has three main elevators that have 46-inch door openings that remain open for six seconds, allowing ample time to enter. The elevator doors have infrared beams spaced every 2 inches to ensure that the doorway is not obstructed. The elevator controls are mounted according to ADA codes. The controls are equipped with visual and voice floor indicators for each floor. Braille markings are provided at elevator door jams and car buttons.

Additional Amenities

Water fountains and cups are positioned for accessibility. In the restrooms, grab bars are in place.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency evacuation chairs are located in various areas of the building in the event of an emergency. There are also trained personnel available to help the physically challenged exit the building safely.

Upcoming Improvements

Funds are included in the annual budget to continue to improve our accessibility.