Property Standards

Property standards are the required minimum standards that specify how a property should be maintained and are enacted to ensure that a minimum level of maintenance is adhered to on all properties within Caddo Parish.

Please click here for the Property Standards Enforcement pamphlet

What is Covered

The Storing of or abandoning of junk, inoperable, or wrecked automobiles or motor vehicles, discarded or abandoned major appliances, or other metal; tin or other discarded items garbage cans more than twenty-four (24) hours after garbage has been collected, on any lot, neutral ground, street or sidewalk, within the unincorporated area of the Parish is prohibited.


Areas to be excluded from this section of the ordinance are: Commercial property, farm land, recreational locations, five-acre tracts of land (excluding a 150 foot setback from a public right-of-way), businesses, i.e., oil and gas or timber, and the interior of residential homes.

Legal Information

Property standards are enforced by the Parish of Caddo under Ordinance No. 5327 of 2013. When the Parish is made aware of a property that is not up to standard, the owner will be issued a warning citation and be allowed two weeks (14 days) to reconcile the violation. Failure to comply may result in legal proceedings against the property owner, the resident will be issued a citation to appear before the Justice of the Peace Court. There may be a $100 - $500 fine and up to 30 days of jail time for violating the ordinance, whereas all convictions may be appealed to District Court. The property owner may also be responsible for any restitution charges incurred by the Parish from removal of such debris.

Reporting Ordinance Violations

The Parish of Caddo strives to enhance neighborhoods and their citizens’ health, safety and general welfare through efficient and effective Parish code enforcement. All issues will be addressed in a responsive and fair manner focusing on customer service and public awareness while respecting the property rights of our citizens.

If you suspect a code violation in your area or neighborhood contact the constable responsible for the Ward District in which you live. You may use our interactive map search to pin point which Justice of the Peace or Constable is responsible for the area in which you live. The constable will take the proper steps to address your concerns. For more detailed information regarding Ordinance No. 5327 please download the Property standards brochure.