Right-of-Way / Road Crossing

A Permit is required for any work within a Parish of Caddo maintained easement, or right-of-way. Examples of work requiring a right-of-way permit are:

  • Doing any work within a Parish road easement
  • Placing a utility line (water, sewer, telephone, Stormwater pipe, gas, cable, etc.) under the road or within the road shoulder
  • Residential driveway connection 

Permit fees vary (see application)

What is a Right of Way Permit and when should you purchase one?

A Right-of-Way permit must be obtained from the Caddo Parish Public Works department any time an excavation is made in the public Right-of-Way. This permit will consist of Permit Application Guidelines, Permit Holder Requirements and other relevant information.

How to Submit Online

Download the Right-of-Way Permit and fill out the required information. Visit the online submittal page linked below and upload a copy of the completed Permit with your request. Request will be reviewed in 5 business days. The Permits office will contact you after review, regarding approval and payment options.
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Right-of-Way / Road Crossing Request
It should be noted that the online application is just that, an application only and does not approve work. A valid permit issued by the Department of Public Works must be in hand prior to start of any work in the Parish right-of-way.

Compliance Information