Restorative Justice Diversion Program

The Restorative Justice program works closely with the District Attorney’s office to refer juveniles who have committed a minor delinquent offense to this program. Juveniles who are referred are assigned to community based programs designed to address the type of offense committed.

Thumbs Up

This program is for first time, misdemeanor offenses. The juveniles assigned to this program must acknowledge their guilt and be prepared to accept responsibility for their actions. Once the juvenile completes the program, the petition is dismissed and the juvenile does not have a conviction on their record.

Programs in the community that are utilized include:

  • Juvenile Services’ Early Education and Substance Abuse (Five Week) Diversion Program
  • Volunteers for Youth Justice programs
    • As Teen Court, Stamp Out Shoplifting
    • Violence Prevention
    • Power of Choice
    • Facts of Life
  • Caddo Parish Sheriff programs
    • Anger Management Program
    • Personal Responsibility Program