Stray Dogs

Sad DogCall 318-226-6624 to report a stray dog. Stray dogs can also be brought to the Caddo Parish Animal Shelter by good samaritans. Due to the large volume of calls received we cannot provide a time that the Animal Control Officer will respond to the call.

Dog traps are delivered and set when determined by an Animal Control Officer. Residents who see a trapped dog can call 318-226-6624.

Stray dogs are to be held for four days in order to give owners a chance to claim their pets. After the four day hold period we may place the dog for adoption or send it to a rescue group. In cases where the animal is suffering euthanasia may be necessary.

In a case where the dog is not eligible for adoption and no rescue group takes it, it may be euthanized after the four day hold period. Animals may be euthanized because of ill health, temperament or lack of space.

When a pet is surrendered to the shelter by the owner, he/she gives up all rights to the surrendered pet. The pet may be adopted, sent to a rescue group or euthanized.