Protect Natural Floodplain Functions

Natural Floodplain

A natural floodplain is an area of land prone to inundation and maintained as open space to:

(a) preserve the unique soil and vegetation characteristics needed to support a riparian habitat,
(b) prevent loss of property, life, and resources associated with repetitive loss properties,
(c) increase the floodwater storage capacity during a flood event, thereby lowering the flood risk in surrounding areas,
(d) improve the quality of outdoor recreational activities
(e) increase the natural filtration of water resources.

Examples of natural floodplains in Caddo Parish include Noah Tyson Park,
Earl G. Williamson Park, Soda Lake Wildlife Management Area, and the Noah Tyson (3)
C. Bickham Dickson Unit of the Red River Wildlife Refuge.

How you can help:

    Volunteer with Caddo Clean Parks.
    Build responsibly, following all laws and ordinances.
    If you own property that has flooded in the past, contact 
     Public Works at (318) 226-6934 to see if you qualify for a 
     federal relocation grant.

More information:

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