Planning & Zoning Citizens Advisory Committee

Caddo Parish Resolution No. 42 of 2021 established a Citizens Advisory Committee to study planning and zoning in Caddo Parish. The Advisory Committee will assist the Long Range Planning Committee with the following:

  • Review historical issues related to Caddo Parish Planning and Zoning
  • Review the fiscal impact of proposed actions in regard to the standing up of a new parish department or utilizing the Metropolitan Planning Commission for administration and enforcement
  • Review the impact of action to be taken in regard to planning and zoning in areas not currently being zoning by current ordinances
  • Review any other issues so deemed by the advisory committee to be relevant to the planning and zoning in the unincorporated areas of the Parish. 
  • Make written recommendations regarding the issue of planning and zoning to the Long Range Planning Committee.

Citizens Advisory Committee Members

Billie Brice (Assistant Secretary)
Mike Billings, Sr.
Major General Jim Graves (Chair)
Ray Holmon
Chris Kracman
Don Razinsky
Lyod K. Thomas(Vice-Chair)
Ray Tindel
Jessica Tullis (Secretary)
Marty Wooldridge
Honorable Judge Young

For suggestions, comments, or concerns, please fill out the following form: 

Citizens Advisory Comment Form