What is Adjudicated Property?
It is immovable property on which the property taxes were not paid and which was not purchased at the subsequent tax sale. If no one buys the property at this tax sale, state law requires that it be “adjudicated” to the Parish. Once the property is adjudicated to the Parish, it will not come up for another tax sale. It can only be; redeemed (which will place the property back in the name of the tax debtor), sold by the Parish through the abandoned adjudicated process or declared needed by the Parish for public purposes.

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1. What is Adjudicated Property?
2. Is all Adjudicated Property available for sale?
3. What law gives the Parish the right to sell property?
4. If I acquire adjudicated property, will I obtain the mineral rights?
5. If I own the property can’t I just purchase it through the Adjudicated Process?
6. I saw some property that looks abandoned can I call and check to see if it’s adjudicated?
7. I own some property that is adjudicated what can I do?
8. What is the advantage of purchasing Adjudicated Property?
9. If I attempt to purchase some property and am not the highest bidder do I get my money back?
10. Can I find out who filed an application?
11. Where can I find a list of properties that are adjudicated?
12. If the owner decides to redeem the property; do I lose the money I’ve invested in the process?
13. I heard I can purchase adjudicated property for only a dollar, is this true?
14. How long does the process take to get adjudicated property?
15. In what publication does the Parish advertise upcoming sales of adjudicated properties?
16. Will I need to work with an Attorney in order to purchase adjudicated property?
17. Can I get my application fee back if I decide to no longer pursue the process?
18. Once I purchase Adjudicated Property do I get a clear title?
19. Will the Parish assist me in locating where a piece of adjudicated property is located?
20. Why doesn’t the Parish list the property address for Adjudicated Property in the newspaper?
21. When notifying interested parties must I send notices by certified mail?
22. Which form of payment does the parish accept and whom do I make the check out to?
23. Must I pay an application fee for each property or can I pay a fee for several properties at once?
24. What is the lowest bid the Parish will accept on a parcel of property?
25. How long does the owner have to redeem the property?
26. If property becomes adjudicated does it then become the responsibility of the Parish?