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Caddo Industrial Park

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(Off  Shirley Francis Road

The Caddo Industrial Park consists of approximately 60 acres. There is currently one company in the park owning one lot containing 13.77 acres. There is one other lot that has been subdivided and is 7.028 acres in size. There is also approximately 37 acres that has not been subdivided and available for development. That totals over 44 acres still available for industrial development.

Transportation: Air / Highway

  • Shreveport Regional Airport is located approximately 7.25 highway miles Northeast
    of the Park.
  • Park is served by Al Bourland Drive on the West side and boarded by Shirley Francis 
    Road on the North side.

Zoning:  Industrial Class 1


  • Natural Gas - Reliant Energy Company (ARKLA).
  • Electricity - Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO).
                        Panola Harrison Electric Cooperative
  • Water- Park is served by 10" City of Shreveport water line.
  • Sewer - Park is served by 8" City of Shreveport sewer line.

Map of Caddo Industrial Park


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