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Flood Control
The Flood Control Section is responsible for the maintenance of existing stormwater drainage facilities and the assurance that private development projects meet flood Control objectives and compliance with Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) guidelines. It is the primary goal of the Commission to plan and develop solutions to flooding and drainage problems along with the needs of Caddo Parish.

Main Objectives:
• Promote awareness of floodplain management issues
• Administer and enforce the Floodplain Ordinances for Caddo Parish
• Address storm-water and drainage issues in new development
• Seek solutions to existing flood problems.
• Provide assistance where possible to inquiries relating to flood control and drainage issues.

The Multi-Year Flood Hazard Identification Plan (MHIP) announcement and the FEMA fact sheet provide additional information pertaining to flood mapping. For a map of the 100 year floodplains in Caddo Parish, please see the 100 Year Floodplain map.

If you require help identifying the placement of your property in relation to flood zones you may visit our office in the Government Plaza building 505 Travis Street, Suite 820, Shreveport, Louisiana or access the online map search provided by FEMA. The FEMA site allows a citizen to do a flood zone search by property address.

Flood Plain Development Application.
Mitigation generally is defined as actions taken to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to life and property from hazards. Mitigation actions are designed to reduce the need for emergency response, not to improve the ability to respond.

Mitigation Planning involves setting out "problems" as they have been defined and finding the "solutions" for what the future can look like. There plan documents, of how you arrived at the solutions, and how you're going to go about putting them into action. In the end, the plan identifies, prioritizes, and assigns mitigation actions for implementation.

Flood Zone
If you are located outside the City of Shreveport and beyond the MPC (Five miles outside City limits) and would like to know if a parcel is in a flood zone, contact the Public Works department at (318) 226-6934. A trained technician will locate your property and verify it's location within the flood zone. The technician will also determine if it is outside incorporated areas, using the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) established by FEMA under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). In addition to the 100 year Floodplain map, other mapping information is available at

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