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9-1-1 Address Permit

Permit Requirements
A 9-1-1 Address Permit must be obtained for any new structure built or moved on to a property.

Permit Fee

  • Residential - $50 fee
  • Commercial - $100 fee

Steps to Obtain a 9-1-1 Address Permit

  1. Contact the Caddo Parish Health Department at (318) 676-5265 concerning your septic system, if applicable. The department is located at 1035 Creswell Avenue.
  2. Contact the MPC at (318) 673-6480 concerning a Zoning Certificate for the property. The department is located on the 4th floor of Government Plaza.
  3. Bring all papers received from these offices to the Parish Permit office for an address permit. The department is located on the 8th floor of Government Plaza (318) 226-6949.
  4. Bring all of the above paperwork to the City Permit office on the 1st floor of Government Plaza (318) 673-6100.

Note: If you are outside that 5-mile buffer - you may omit the second step.
Note: If you are not on a septic system - you may omit the 1st step.

Additionally Required Permits
Once you obtained a 9-1-1 Address Permit, you may apply for any other permits or inspections you may require. The City of Shreveport Permits and Inspections Office, located on the first floor of Government Plaza at 505 Travis Street, issues additional permits and conducts inspections for Caddo Parish. For more details, please call (318) 673-6100.

Note: You must have a 9-1-1 Address Permit before you obtain any additional permits from the City.