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Culvert Permit
Culvert Requirements
If you are installing a culvert in a Parish-maintained right-of-way, you must purchase a Culvert Permit from the Parish Permit Office. This ensures that culverts placed on Parish-maintained roads are the correct size to allow water to flow at a steady pace, reducing the possibility of flooding.

Culvert Permits can be purchased at the Parish Permits Office for $10.00. Culvert Permits are free of charge if applied for at the same time as your 9-1-1 Address Permit.

The culverts that can be placed in Parish-maintained right-of-ways are ones approved by the Department of Transportation. The Parish recommends concrete culverts because they are basically indestructible, but you can also use metal corrugated culverts. We do not recommend plastic culverts because they are not very durable.