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Celebrate with us!

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Schedule a party by submitting a Program Request Form.

Party Program Choices

For children 5 & under
Storytime: Children will hear 1-2 short stories, meet a live animal, and make a craft.

Available topics are:
All About Owls
Awesome Alligators
Slithering Snakes
Turtle Time

For children 5 & up

Butterfly Bonanza: Children will learn all about butterflies, then grab some nets and head outdoors to catch and examine live butterflies and other insects we might catch. Seasonal, spring-fall.

Creepy Crawlies: Kids will learn about insects, spiders, and other things that creep and crawl! Kids will also meet one or more live creepy crawlies including Darkling Beetles, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Earthworms, and/or a Tarantula.

Owls All Around: Children will meet a live owl and learn what makes these nocturnal hunters so special! Kids will then make some owl origami to take home.

Reptile Round-up: Children will meet and touch three types of reptiles - snake, turtle, and alligator - and learn what makes each of them unique.

Fairy Houses and Gnome Homes: Children will use their imaginations and natural items found around the park to create miniature abodes for these magical forest creatures. Seasonal, fall-spring.

What We Provide

A naturalist-led program
Craft supplies (if applicable)
Tables and chairs
Trash can and trash bags

What to Expect

Plan for your guests to meet you in the Visitor’s Center at your party’s start time, where they can see the indoor exhibits while we wait for everyone to gather. Your naturalist-led program will begin 15 minutes after your party’s start time and will last for approximately 45 minutes.
The second hour of the party will take place at our covered outdoor picnic pavilion where you may serve refreshments or offer activities of your choice. There are 7 large picnic tables that can seat up to 50 people. We can provide a small gift or food table if needed. We can also allow access to a full size refrigerator and freezer if needed for your refreshments.

Please Keep in Mind

Birthday parties are free of charge, but you are welcome to make a donation to the park if you wish. There is no admission charge to the park.

The picnic pavilion must be left in good condition. Please put all trash in the provided trash cans and take down any decorations.

Confetti, glitter, piñatas, and helium balloons are not allowed in the park.

How to Schedule

All parties are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Birthday Parties are scheduled for 2 hours, ending no later than 4:30pm.

To schedule a birthday party at Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Nature Park, you will need to fill out a program request form. The program request form can be found here, picked up at the park, or we are happy to email or fax it to you. After we receive your form we will contact you via email within 10 business days to either confirm your requested time and date or to coordinate another time that will work for your party.